​About the Choir

The Sterling Flute Choir (SFC) was established in 2009 by Director, Sandy Kipp Iles. Flutists of all ages and skill levels ranging from intermediate to advanced meet twice a month to play, rehearse, and learn in a fun environment. Previous performances have included such venues as the LA Zoo, Glendale Adventist Hospital, Monrovia Library, Silver Lake Library, OC Fair, Glendale Public Library, North Hollywood Library, Foothills of Simi Valley Senior Living Center, Robert Stevenson Library, among others.


Membership is by invitation and requires either an audition or a recommendation by a current or past member of SFC. This keeps the energetic and supportive camaraderie at its highest.

SFC rehearses in Glendale twice a month. There are three annual sessions and performances at the end of each session.


​Sessions & Performances

Fall Session  -  September to December 

Spring Session  - February to May   

Summer Session - June to August  

(Schedule is subject to change.)


Additional Opportunities

Conducting  * Arranging  * Contracting 

For many members of SFC learning the music and performing in a diverse ensemble is enough of a challenge. Other members enjoy the opportunity to conduct, arrange music or contract performances for the ensemble. 


Sandy Kipp Iles, Director

Charlotte Betry, Assistant Director

Contact info:

Established 2009, Glendale, CA


“Through Sandy Kipp Iles, I was able to understand flute playing on a deeper level. Not only did I learn how to practice effectively, I also learned how to perform with accompanists, how to perform orchestral excerpts to the long-held traditional standards, how to perform with historically correct performance techniques, how to perform musically, and how to study solo repertoire. Sandy Kipp Iles is a very effective flute instructor and I recommend flutists of all ages to study with her.”

Stephen Crews, B.M., Educational Credential