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Advanced Etudes for Flute


Sandy Kipp Iles has written etudes, exercises, and arranged chamber music for the flute for decades, and Iles Music Publishing is making these publications available to the public.

Available Now!Available Now!Available Now!

Available Now!

Advanced Etudes for Flute

My Advanced Etudes for Flute series is inspired by the rich and colorful repertoire for the symphony orchestra. Repertoire for orchestra is varied and vast, and unless you are a member of an orchestra, you may not have the opportunity to perform much of the significant repertoire. My goal with arranging these studies is for flutists to enjoy learning orchestral masterpieces, while having fun developing their fundamental

musical skills. 

The Nutcracker Studies

Advanced Etudes Volume I


~ $24.99 + S&H ~

Preview Samples:

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Carmen Studies

Advanced Etudes Volume II


~ $24.99 + S&H ~

Preview Samples:


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“How can we flutists infuse our playing with magic and delight? This treasure of a collection
gives us the answer. It is organic, beautifully presented, and brimming with helpful ideas

both technical and musical. Highly recommended!"

~ Paula Robison, Donna Hieken Flute Chair, New England Conservatory

Future Books Include...
  • Peter and the Wolf Studies: Advanced Etudes for Flute Volume III

  • Warmups for Those Who Hate Warmups

  • Advancing Technique for the Intermediate Player

  • Step-by-Step Series: A Guide to Developing Flute Technique

Check back for the availability of chamber music arrangements.

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